Hospital Bed and Patient Elevator

Hospital Bed and Patient Elevator
Product Details

Product Feature

A fan with large air volume and low noise of our Hospital Bed and Patient Elevator is arranged in the car to solve the problem of sweltering of the car. Due to the high performance, it is really easy for use and there is no special need of maintaining. Wha's more, it realizes the function of high speed operation. The elegant and simple appearance can fit any occasion.

Product Description

This Hospital Bed and Patient Elevator is tilted to reduce the hoistway area required by the same car size by 6%. The building space rate is increased, and the construction cost is saved. In response to the special requirements of the hospital, a series of advanced technologies are used to provide patients with safer conditions for transportation, which greatly facilitates the work of medical personnel and assists them in fulfilling the sacred mission of saving lives. In addition, this Hospital Bed and Patient Elevator features reasonable component configuration from the beginning of the elevator design to ensure safe and reliable operation of the elevator and prevent the occurrence of safety hazards.