Machine Roomless Bed Elevator

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1.Precise door opening and closing control

The door opening device of machine roomless bed elevator adopts the frequency conversion control mode. The frequency converter can control the closing speed of the car door very accurately, thus making it safer to use the elevator.

2.Comfortable, quiet atmosphere

Maximize the pursuit of riding comfort, reflect care, and create a comfortable elevator space. The ceiling design is bright and the interior of the light car is rich in color and variety for you to choose from. The car operating panel features advanced computer graphics technology and an elegant new streamlined design from top to bottom.

3.Stable and smooth operation

The motor part uses the VVVF variable frequency control system to precisely control the motor speed, which makes the sound of the traction machine smaller.

4.High reliability decentralized control

The elevator adopts a plurality of microcomputers to distribute and control the "distributed control system". The engine room, the car, the car operating panel and the elevator display are all equipped with high-performance microcomputers, which can accurately and quickly control the information that changes every moment. . The communication line between the microcomputers is detected, thereby improving the reliability of the system.


Application field

Hospital bed elevators are ideal for hospitals and health facilities.