Vertical Hydraulic Electric Freight Elevator

Vertical Hydraulic Electric Freight Elevator
Product Details


The Vertical Hydraulic Electric Freight Elevator uses a highly sensitive light curtain protection device that responds sensitively to passengers or cargo within the detection range, further enhancing safety.The

standard five-way calling configuration of our Vertical Hydraulic Electric Freight Elevator is perfect to avoid various emergencies during use and maintenance.

Product description

The Vertical Hydraulic Electric Freight Elevator adopts the most stable hydraulic drive mode, and the rated load limit is small. It can achieve ultra-millimeter accuracy leveling without any other expensive leveling device. In addition, it is equipped with a powerful all-intelligent microcomputer control system to ensure fast, accurate and reliable response of all commands. Due to the advanced hydraulic proportional valve control mode, it can achieve the best energy-saving effect while ensuring safe and smooth operation. It uses a reliable electrical configuration to ensure long-lasting and stable operation, and the sophisticated frequency conversion door mechanism system to minimize the possibility of frequent door failures.

Hydraulic freight elevator parameter
CapacityRated SpeedCar sizeDoor SizeHoistway sizeOverheadPit DepthMachine room sizeMax Traveling height
(Kg)(m/s)WxD(mm)2P side opening2P center openingWxD(mm)(mm)(mm)WxDxH(mm)(m)