Traction Freight Elevator

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Product Details

Product Feature

This Traction Freight Elevator can provide one-piece steel structure, which has longer service life for use. The outer sealing high-quality double-sided sandwich color steel plate can provide convenient, rapid and safe integrated hydraulic pressure only by providing the bottom pit and installation space. The strength requirements of the wall and the top of the shaft are relatively low.


Product Description

This Traction Freight Elevator with high performance, which has been widely used in factories, warehouses, shopping centers, hotels, airports, and stations. In addition, it adopts the most flexible side-mounted machine room. Compared with ordinary elevator on the market, our Traction Freight Elevator  does not have a counterweight device, and the utilization of the area of the shaft is improved, and the car can be made larger. When the hydraulic elevator is running, the vertical load of the car's own weight and load is directly applied to the foundation of the pit through the oil cylinder. And there is no special need of maintaining.

freight elevator parameter

TypeCapacityRated SpeedCar sizeDoor SizeHoistway sizeOverheadPit DepthMachine room sizeMax Traveling height
(Kg)(m/s)WxD(mm)2P side opening2P center openingWxD(mm)(mm)(mm)WxDxH(mm)(m)
Machine room10000.51300x17501300x2200/2400x2400450015003300x3300x290030
Machine room20000.5/1.01500x27001500x2200/2800x3350450015003500x3700x290030
Machine room30000.252000x2900/2000x22003400x3550460017004000x3900x290030
Machine room50000.252400x3600/2400x24004000x4250480017004000x4250x330015
Machine roomless10000.51450x16501100x2200/2350x210045001700/30
Machine roomless20000.51500x2700/1500x22002800x335045001700/30
Machine roomless20000.5/1.01500x2700/1500x22002800x335048001800/30