Traction Freight Elevator

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GRF Series freight elevators employing the fully PC controlling technology, AC variable frequency and variable voltage VVVF, has no t only the outstanding performance in energy saving and precision of leveling and highly effective load capacity, but also take the user's requirements into full consideration when designing. As a result, the performance /price ratio of these elevators is extremely high and the elevators can be used in vertical transportation occasion such as factories, transportation centers, warehouses and vehicles, vertical transportation


Traction freight elevator adopts elevator-specific intelligent control system, stable and reliable driving mode, excellent door transmission structure and high-strength car design, which makes it lighter and more capable under various working conditions. Complete specifications, superior performance, reliable and durable, cost-effective; can meet various types of cargo use, and adapt to different building structures, widely used in factories, growth lines, warehouses, shopping malls, shopping centers, exhibition halls and other freight logistics.

freight elevator parameter

TypeCapacityRated SpeedCar sizeDoor SizeHoistway sizeOverheadPit DepthMachine room sizeMax Traveling height
(Kg)(m/s)WxD(mm)2P side opening2P center openingWxD(mm)(mm)(mm)WxDxH(mm)(m)
Machine room10000.51300x17501300x2200/2400x2400450015003300x3300x290030
Machine room20000.5/1.01500x27001500x2200/2800x3350450015003500x3700x290030
Machine room30000.252000x2900/2000x22003400x3550460017004000x3900x290030
Machine room50000.252400x3600/2400x24004000x4250480017004000x4250x330015
Machine roomless10000.51450x16501100x2200/2350x210045001700/30
Machine roomless20000.51500x2700/1500x22002800x335045001700/30
Machine roomless20000.5/1.01500x2700/1500x22002800x335048001800/30