Hydraulic Home Elevator

Product Details

Product Feature

This Hydraulic Home Elevator adopts hydraulic power source to press oil into a cylinder to linearly move the plunger. In addition, there is no need to set up a machine room with high requirements and high cost above the hoistway. The roof room can be flush with the roof. Equipped wit advanced process, the  hydraulic transmission system of our Hydraulic Home Elevator relies on the oil pipe to transmit power. Therefore, the position of the machine room can be set within 20 m away, and the occupied area of the machine room is only small.


Product Description

The structural strength of the hoistway is low. Since the vertical load of the hydraulic elevator car's own weight and load of our Hydraulic Home Elevator is all applied to the hoistway foundation through the hydraulic cylinder, the building performance requirements of the wall and the top are low. Compared with ordinary elevators on the market, our Hydraulic Home Elevator does not have a counterweight device, so the utilization of the area can be improved. 

Car Size(CW*CD)800*1250900*12501000*1250800*1250900*12501000*1250
Car Height(CH)2200
Hoistway Size(HW*HD)1460*16001500*16001600*16001280*14501380*14501480*1450
Overhead Height(OH)30002900
Pit Height(PIT)300
Door Size(PL*PH)800*2000750*2000
Door opening typeAutomatic side openingManual pull opening
Speed(V)0.3 / 0.40.22 / 0.28
Travelly Height(TH)≤12m
Power Supply220V / 380V


Car Size(CW*CD)800*1250900*12501000*1250
Car Height(CH)2200
Hoistway Size(HW*HD)1280*14501380*14501480*1450
Overhead Height(OH)2900
Pit Height(PIT)300
Door Size(PL*PH)750*2000
Door opening typeManual pull opening
Speed(V)0.22 / 0.28
Travelly Height(TH)≦12m
Power Supply220V or 380V