Traction Home Elevator

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SRH Home elevator can operate under regular voltage. It doesn’t need special voltage support. It fulfills popularization of home elevator.

The best choice of household building innovative machine roomless design.

Permanent magnet synchronous and gearless traction machine

VVVF frequency speed regulation technology. 

The traction home elevator is an elevator drive installed in an elevator hoistway for a wire rope traction elevator including: a transmission, an electric motor in an upright position, a brake, and a suspension element for providing vertical movement to the elevator chassis. The motor and transmission are tilted at an angle relative to the vertical plane, with no parts in the motor extending beyond the horizontal boundary of the transmission. In this way, the elevator drive occupies a small surface area of the old energy, taking advantage of the limited space in the elevator hoistway. The brake is part of the transmission and is not detachably fixed thereto so that the motor can be easily attached to the transmission.

Automatic car operation system:

Car Size(CW*CD)800*1250900*12501000*1250800*1250900*12501000*1250
Car Height(CH)2200
Hoistway Size(HW*HD)1460*16001500*16001600*16001280*14501380*14501480*1450
Overhead Height(OH)30002900
Pit Height(PIT)300
Door Size(PL*PH)800*2000750*2000
Door opening typeAutomatic side openingManual pull opening
Speed(V)0.3 / 0.40.22 / 0.28
Travelly Height(TH)≤12m
Power Supply220V / 380V


Car Size(CW*CD)800*1250900*12501000*1250
Car Height(CH)2200
Hoistway Size(HW*HD)1460*16001500*16001600*1600
Overhead Height(OH)3000
Pit Height(PIT)300
Door Size(PL*PH)800*2000
Door opening typeAutomatic side opening
Speed(V)0.3 / 0.4
Travelly Height(TH)≤12m
Power Supply220V / 380V