MR Passenger Elevator

MR Passenger Elevator
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Product Description:

MR Passenger Elevator, based on the inheritance of modern and highly mature technology, enhances the reliability and flexibility of the elevator system and realizes the advantages of true environmental protection and energy saving.

Compared with the usual organic rooms, the MR Passenger Elevator uses a reasonable civil construction layout, which makes the machine room area as large as the hoistway, saves space in the machine room, and reduces the unique appearance of the machine room. It can adapt to the special architectural requirements for the appearance. The building not only reduces the cost of construction, but also helps to inspire the architects to create a majestic piece of art.

Quick Detail:

Model: GRPS20 Machine Room Passenger Elevator

Brand Name:Sicher

Elevator Type: Passenger Elevators

Usage: Residential

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China(Mainland)


Precise control

Ensuring the intelligent operation of the elevator is a guarantee for safe, technical and comfortable operation of the elevator.

Eternal power

With the permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction system, the operation is more stable, the speed is reached faster, and the efficiency is improved by up to 40%.

Door protection

Waterproof IP65 light curtain protection system ensures passenger safety.

Comfortable ride

The frame car shell is protected to ensure the stability of the leveling layer, and the upper and lower parts are leveled to increase safety. The tall car is equipped with LED natural light source lighting and has multiple options.


MR Passenger Elevator is widely applied for hotels, restaurants, office buildings, commercial and residential buildings, entertainment centers, shopping malls and other places.