Heavy-duty Esclator

Product Details

Product Feature

Due to the strong digital monitoring technology, it completely uses computers for elevator monitoring and control. Equipped with wireless remote control and alarm device, the Heavy-duty Esclator can send fault information to the mobile phone through the wireless device, and send a signal through the mobile phone to simply control.


Product Description

This Heavy-duty Esclator adopts two-way security protection technology, which has longer service life for use. In addition, it realizes the function of high speed operation and there is no special need of maintaining. Due to the rapid installation technology, it greatly changes the past elevator installation method, which can be quickly assembled. On the other hand, the energy-saving technology of our Heavy-duty Esclator makes it  more energy-efficient. Compared with ordinary elevator on the market, it features permanent magnet synchronous traction machine as the power, which greatly reduces the footprint of the equipment room, and has the advantages of low energy consumption, energy saving and high efficiency, and fast improvement.


ApplicationIndoor/Outdoor. 20-hr operation daily
H(m)≤6 m≤27 m
Inclination (°)3530
Step width (mm)600/800/1000
Horizontal steps2/22/2 or 3/3
Main power380V/50Hz/3P
BalustradeStainless steel inclined balustrade; or Tempered glass(10mm)
Handrail bracketStainless steel
Balustrade height (mm)1000
Inner & outer deckingHairline St.St.
SkirtingHairline St.St.
StepStainless steel
Landing plateStainless steel (anti-sliding)
illuminationlighting under upper & lower landing steps
IndicatorFailure code indicator on control cabinet
OperationEmergency stop button / Key switch / Inspection operation

Optional configuration

HandrailGreen, red, blue, yellow
Balustrade height1000mm
illuminationSkirting lighting
Comb lighting
Handrail lighting
IndicatorIndicator on outer decking
Direction indicatorRunning direction indicator on outer decking
Step or palletsOne-piece aluminum
Landing plateAluminum alloy (anti-sliding)
Energy controlVVVF
External claddingHairline st.st./painted steel/glass/mirror st.st.
Heating deviceTo heat the escalator ladder road
Speed0.65m/s Only for GRE30/GRE50