Indoor Escalator

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Product Details

With incorporation of the well-developed escalator and moving walk technology, advanced micro-computer control system, high strength truss structure, classical driving system ,and completed safety devices,GRE series of escalators and moving walks fully ensure our products safe, reliable, endurable and bring steady and comfortable riding. Refine craftwork, fluent lines and elegant style form the combination of practical riding function and visual enjoyment. Frequency conversion technology selected makes products more energy-saving. Besides, outdoor escalator and moving walks can be fit for different kinds of environment and weather condition. Complying with national standard GB16899 and European standard EN115, the escalator and moving walk are applicable for heavy-passenger-flow location such as market, supermarket, hotel, subway, airport, train station, crossroad and public buildings.

The mechanical device of the indoor escalator hangs under the floor slab, and the floor is made of a decorative shell, and the bottom is made of a pit. There is a metal raised floor at the upper escalator opening of the machine room for maintenance.

Design principle

The operating principle of the escalator is mainly based on a simple electromechanical system technology. The push unit consisting of an electric motor transmission and a safety brake drags two chains, and each step is connected to the chain. When the rolling wheel rolls, the pedal runs cyclically along the track in the main frame, and the handrail belt above the pedal runs synchronously with the pedal at a corresponding speed.

The electromechanical device of the escalator is placed under the floor and requires a large space. The bottom layer shall be provided with a pit for the mechanical device of the discharge and shall be waterproofed. The escalator should have enough mounting holes on the floor.

The escalator has a strong decorative effect on the interior, and the handrails are mostly made of special wear-resistant tape, which has a variety of colors. The slats are divided into glass, stainless steel, decorative panels and so on. Sometimes it is also assisted by lighting the luminaire to enhance its aesthetics.

GRE30 Standard configuration

ApplicationIndoor. 16-hr operation daily
Inclination (°)30
Step width (mm)1000
Horizontal steps3/3
Main power380V/50Hz/3P
BalustradeTempered glass(10mm)
Handrail bracketStainless steel
Balustrade height (mm)900
Inner & outer deckingHairline St.St.
SkirtingWear resistant coating steel sheet
StepStainless steel
Landing plateStainless steel (anti-sliding)
illuminationlighting under upper & lower landing steps
IndicatorFailure code indicator on control cabinet
OperationEmergency stop button / Key switch / Inspection operation

Optional configuration
HandrailGreen, red, blue, yellow
Balustrade height1000mm
illuminationSkirting lighting
Comb lighting
Handrail lighting
IndicatorIndicator on outer decking
Direction indicatorRunning direction indicator on outer decking
Step or palletsOne-piece aluminum
Landing plateAluminum alloy (anti-sliding)
Energy controlVVVF
External claddingHairline steel/glass/mirror
Heating deviceTo heat the escalator ladder road
Speed0.65m/s Only for GRE30/GRE50