Hand lifts safety tips

1. Before taking the escalator

First, avoid clothes, shoelaces, or the bags and baggage that you have in your hands. Before stepping on the elevator, you should pay attention to your shoelaces and close your skirt, so as not to hang onto your clothes while the elevator is running. To carry the parcels and luggage is more long, can sideways on the lift, the baggage in the body, accompanied by at the same time be careful not to put the baggage on the elevator, lest cause danger to himself or others.

2. Take the escalator

Lift the handrail in the elevator and face forward. Try to stand up during the ride and don't walk around. Children must be careful not to let children play in the elevator. When the elevator is running, do not lean against the handrail, part of the elevator's handrail and stair running are not completely synchronous, the body leaning on the handrail is extremely easy to be dangerous.

3. Leave the escalator

When leaving the escalator, pay attention to your feet, especially the carding plate. Don't let your shoelaces, skirt angles and trouser legs be stuck between the comb and the steps. Pay attention to your luggage and don't leave it on the elevator to avoid hurting the passengers behind you.

Once you encounter the danger of holding hands, clothing, and feet, you must press the red stop button on the elevator.