How to use the service lift safety regulations

1, the elevator car, landing doors and door should be cleaned regularly, this may cause corrosion;

2, before cleaning off all power to the elevator-related;

3, the cleaning process should prevent water or foreign objects into the elevator shaft;

4, a day before the operation to deal with elevator inspection to ensure that no abnormal smell and sound;

5, when the end of the day, the car should be parked to the lower end or base station;

6, when the elevator failure, should immediately stop using the qualified service personnel in a timely manner by the repair;

7, power locks keys should be kept full-time staff can not just open the landing door;

8, this layer is not to leave the elevator, so trying to re-election this layer is invalid;

9. Do not attempt to run the elevator landing doors were open;

10 elevator buttons should avoid the oil to prevent sticking buttons affect the use of elevators;

11 is not available with a hard bar instead of pressing the button;

12 are not hitting any part of the elevator;

13, off the layers hall and car door when the action to light; door switch principle: light open light off;

14 car not overload, overload will appear red end of the phenomenon;

15 transportation of goods, be sure to place the car in the middle of goods, not to extend the outer edge of the car;

16 loading items should avoid hard hit any part of the car;

17 elevators after use should be promptly closed landing door, so as not to affect the use of other floors.