Troubleshooting passenger elevator

Passenger elevator is widely used in major shopping malls and restaurants, for consumer safety, in addition to that we have some sense of security, but also the fault of the passenger elevator understand.

1. The lack of elevator braking torque, braking force is neither too big nor too small, over the General Assembly over the brake, brake torque is insufficient, affecting the stability of the small, poor comfort, too. Therefore, the amount of compression should be properly adjusted;

2. The lack of traction force of the elevator. If the traction force is insufficient, even if the brake and reliable passenger elevator can not be reliably stopped;

3. The failure of the elevator governor, the governor is the safety device for an elevator. ;

4. The elevator safety gear failure, when the elevator speeding, running out of control or broken suspension, the governor can not make emergency stopping device quickly made the elevator car parked on the rails, so casualties and equipment damage can occur.