Indoor Passenger Escalator Moving Walk

Indoor Passenger Escalator Moving Walk
Product Details


In order to achieve the versatility and economy of the escalator assembly, our Indoor Passenger Escalator Moving Walk uses a stepped structure and the same armrest structure. It keeps pace with the road in motion to ensure passenger safety. The speed of the moving walkway, the road width and the conveying capacity are similar to those of the escalator, and the maximum inclination angle is generally not more than 12°.

Product description

This Indoor Passenger Escalator Moving Walk is a fixed electric drive with a recirculating walkway for transporting passengers at a level or angle of inclination of no more than 12°. It is also suitable for business occasions such as stations, terminals, shopping centers, airports, exhibition halls and stadiums. In addition, the structure is similar to the escalator and is mainly composed of two parts, including a movable road surface and an armrest. Generally, a movable road does not form a step when tilted. Compared with ordinary moving walkways on the market, our Indoor Passenger Escalator Moving Walks are characterized by large passenger traffic and frequent shopping carts in supermarkets. Therefore, it is mainly used in various supermarkets and similar occasions.

ApplicationIndoor. 16-hr operation daily
Horizontal span≤50
Inclination (°)10/11/12
Step width (mm)800/1000
Upper landing horizontal distance400
Main power380V/50Hz/3P
BalustradeTempered glass(10mm)
Handrail bracketStainless steel
Balustrade height (mm)900
Inner & outer deckingHairline St.St.
SkirtingHairline St.St.
StepStainless steel
Landing plateStainless steel (anti-sliding)
illuminationlighting under upper & lower landing steps
IndicatorFailure code indicator on control cabinet
OperationEmergency stop button / Key switch / Inspection operation