2018 China (chongqing) International Elevator Exhibition


2018 China (chongqing) international elevator exhibition

China (Chongqing) International Elevator & Escalator Expo 2018

Time and place

Time: September 13-15, 2018

Venue: chongqing international expo center (yuelai exhibition city)

Ii. Overall positioning

Focused on western markets, around the "green energy", "smart", "security", "high speed" and other hot spots, make western the largest and most professional elevator industry of new products, new technologies, and related equipment showcase and exchanges and cooperation platform.

Iii. Exhibition scale

Display area: + 15000 ㎡

Exhibitors: +150

Professional audience: + 10,000

At the same time, "chongqing elevator installation and repair skills competition" was held.

4. Exhibition background

China is now the world's largest producer and consumer of elevators, with the largest annual growth rate and the largest volume in the world. With the rapid development of China's equipment manufacturing industry, elevator industry is developing rapidly.

Chongqing's terrain is mainly hilly and mountainous, and its urban construction is also based on mountains and rivers. It is reputed as the fourth largest skyscraper city in mainland China, and it is also known as the "8D magic city". With the acceleration of urbanization in recent years, chongqing's residential and commercial real estate has experienced explosive growth and entered a period of rapid construction of super high-rise buildings and skyscrapers. In addition to a large number of public infrastructure construction, energy-saving transformation and replacement will expand the elevator demand and consumer market. According to incomplete statistics, the number of elevators in chongqing is more than 140,000, and the annual growth rate is about 20%. In 2018, the city is expected to face renovation of 3,000 old elevators, and the maintenance market is huge.

As the bridgehead of the western development, chongqing plays an important leading and radiating role in the western region. The market positive signal is obvious, the exhibition is the elevator related enterprises layout chongqing and even the western market's excellent platform.

V. scope of exhibition

1. Elevator, escalator, automatic sidewalk and related equipment

2. Elevator related parts

3. Parking equipment and related equipment

Target audience

Real estate construction units, distribution agents, research and design units, production enterprises, maintenance and installation units, governments and related institutions, etc

Contact information

Address: 5th floor, building 5, xinke international, no. 68 jinyu avenue, Yubei District, chongqing

023-61522076 fax: 023-61522091

Contact person: zhou xuemei 13193058318