A Detailed Analysis Of The Internal Structure Of Automatic Pedestrian Ladder

      The basic steps of elevator installation are: Clear the well road, check whether the site has installation conditions, provide temporary treasury, unpacking inspection, scaffolding, production model, put line, installation Guide rail bracket, installation Guide, installation of computer room equipment, installation Hall door device, in the bottom load on the heavy, in the top floor of the car, installation of the well road machinery equipment, hanging wire rope, Installation of electrical device layout of the well road cable and with the servo cable, the whole machine commissioning and acceptance.Automatic pedestrian ladder

      The general analysis and treatment ability of the elevator shaft and the special well path condition is the basic requirement for the sales staff in the elevator industry today. Automatic pedestrian ladder

      A knowledgeable salesman in the field can make a quick response to the preliminary plan of the product and civil modification in accordance with the well path conditions involved in the project negotiation, shorten the negotiation process, and win the trust and order of the customers, and also enhance the image of the enterprise.Automatic pedestrian ladder

      Room: Measure the plane length and width of the machine room, mark the relative position of the room and shaft, the height of the platform (if there is), the bottom edge of the hook to the top of the roof epithelium, the room opening position and size, etc., but also record there is no support table and so on. Whether the room has a high platform and its height determines the factory delivery when the computer room line box, the emergency stop switch configuration and so on. Also pay attention to the distance between the machine beam support table (generally equal to the width or depth of the well path), to avoid the factory delivery when the machine Leung short.Automatic pedestrian ladder

      Wall structure: brick-concrete structure Well road should be inspected with no ring beam, if there is a need to record the center spacing (generally required ring beam height of 300mm, minimum of 200mm), if the buried pieces need to record the size and spacing of the buried pieces, note that in many cases, if not according to the manufacturer you represent the design of the well, the location of the buried parts are biased. Automatic pedestrian ladder

      After the heavy lift shaft must be three-sided Buliang (or buried), the side of the heavy lift shaft is only about two Buliang (or buried). Also pay attention to the four corners of the well road, there is no prominent shaft inside the column, the wall has no prominent beams and other structures, and do a good record. Automatic pedestrian ladder

     The location of the buried parts is determined by the elevator manufacturer according to the position of the rail bracket and the well track wall, and the buried parts are usually made of 12-16mm thick steel plate.Automatic pedestrian ladder