About Elevator IC Cards

Classification and role of IC cards


1. Ordinary single-layer card

The card is used by ordinary elevator passengers. One person and one card can only reach the designated floor by boarding the ladder. When in use, when the passenger enters the car, the IC card is placed close to the IC card manager, and the command manager in the elevator IC card will automatically recognize the legality of the IC card. If the card is legal, no need to press the passenger button to select the floor, the system automatically lights up the summoning light you want to go to the floor, and stops at the landing. If the card is illegal or has no card, the passenger cannot press the summoning light to achieve the purpose of the card.


2. Ordinary multi-layer card

The card is used by special passengers such as security guards, elevator maintenance personnel, building management personnel and personnel who can reach multiple floors. When the cardholder takes the elevator, the IC card is placed close to the elevator IC card manager, and the passenger can press the floor call button to be reached. If the passenger presses the floor call button that is not specified in the IC card, the operation is invalid (light) Not lit) to reach the limit of reaching the floor.


3. Management card

This card is used by elevator managers. When someone loses the IC card or the IC card is stolen, the original cardholder should immediately report the loss to the elevator management personnel. The elevator management personnel can use the management card to input the lost IC card number as the prohibited card number into the management card, and then After the management card is close to the elevator IC card manager for 30 seconds, if the prohibited card number is used again, it will be regarded as an illegal card and will not be confirmed. When the IC card is lost, the card number in the management card is eliminated to achieve the purpose of being reusable. Of course, the elevator manager can also use this function to prohibit or recover the card card of the cardholder who violates the rules (such as arrears). The management card cannot be banned, so the management card cannot be lost.

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