Accessible Lift Purchase Will Reduce Tariffs

Accessible lift tariff reductions will undoubtedly add to China's cause of disability on the job, so that we can add more public accessibility allows persons with disabilities to enjoy the same treatment and normal. They can also use the elevator and barrier-free like normal people visit the Forbidden City or take the subway. Ministry of Finance said that in 2009 China will continue to fulfill join WTO tariff reduction commitments, will implement a lower provisional import tax rate of more than 670 kinds of goods, including ceramics, coal, fuel oil, stone and other resources energy products , ammonia, an epoxy resin, a liquid crystal display panel with a polarizer, air conditioning continuously variable compressor, large wrecker chassis and other important raw materials and key components, air-jet looms, automatic winding, large horsepower tractors, large-scale harvesting and other advanced industrial and agricultural equipment, vaccines, lifts and other accessibility products and some household supplies related to public health and the like.