Advantages And Precautions Of Automatic Pedestrian Ladder

      Escalator refers to the upper and lower floors, such as "stair-like automatic sidewalk." From the top staircase to the next ladder location (elevation) is not the same height, riding on the escalator pedal up and down into a staircase. The automatic sidewalk refers to the same level of movement of the same floor as the one that connects the airport and the terminal. From the beginning to the end of the same height (elevation), the ride on the pedal will not start. In short, the escalator is up and down three-dimensional, and the automatic sidewalk is flat.Automatic pedestrian ladder
     Advantages: In order to effectively use the building space, the escalator and sidewalk escalator from the original point of design changes, to achieve the truss length, width and depth of miniaturization, can effectively save space. According to the requirement of energy saving, the escalator pavement has achieved the effect of saving 30% energy with the same type of escalator on the basis of improving the performance of the whole ladder comprehensively. The application of high efficiency reducer improves the transmission efficiency and reduces the running noise. The friction driving mode of the handrail belt can significantly prolong the service life of the handrail belt.Automatic pedestrian ladder
Escalator is the modern people almost daily access to the facilities, but on the escalator safety accident news is common, small clip injury, large life risk. So, how     to safely standardize the ride escalator? (1) Standing in the direction of running, feet should stand in the safety area of the pedal. (2) Stand firm and hold the handrail belt. (3) Do not stay at the exit by escalator. (4) Children and the sick and infirm should be held in the hands of a competent adult, and the infant should be taken by the adult. (5) Pay attention to loose clothing and slippers, soft soles shoes, shoelaces, etc., so as not to be caught. (6) Pets should be held by the master ladder. (7) Passengers who rely on auxiliary equipment such as the turn of the war, the walker, the wheelchair, and the passengers using trolleys and strollers cannot use escalators.Automatic pedestrian ladder