Application Technology Of Elevator

      Application technology: Full digital identification of passenger technology (all passengers identified before entering the elevator, including eye recognition, fingerprint identification), digital intelligent Security control technology (through the passenger identification system or IC card and digital surveillance equipment, refused to enter the foreign people), the fourth generation of No room elevator technology (the host must be separated from the guide and the car, there is no resonant resonance, the speed can reach 2.0m/s above, the highest can be used above 30 floors. ), two-way security technology (two-way safety clamp, two-way speed limiter, must be used in Europe, China is being widely used), rapid installation technology (to change the past elevator installation method, can be quickly assembled), energy-saving technology (using energy-saving technology, to make the elevator more energy-saving), digital monitoring technology (fully use of the computer for elevator monitoring and control), wireless remote control and alarm device (when the elevator failure, the elevator can be sent through the wireless device to send fault information, And through the mobile phone signal to the elevator simple control. )Elevator
     The two ends of the towing rope are respectively attached to the car and to the heavy, winding in the traction wheel and the guide wheel, Traction motor through the reducer speed after driving the traction wheel rotation, relying on traction rope and traction wheel friction produced by the tractive force, to achieve the car and the heavy lifting movement, to achieve transport purposes. Can modern elevator mainly by the traction Machine (winch), rail, heavy equipment, safety devices (such as speed limiter, safety pliers and buffers, etc.), signal control system, car and hall door and so on. These parts are installed in the building's well path and room.      Usually the use of wire rope friction transmission, wire rope around the traction wheel, at both ends of the car and balance, respectively, motor driven traction wheel to lift the car. Elevators require safe and reliable transportation, high efficiency, accurate leveling and comfortable ride. The basic parameters of the elevator are the rated load weight, the number of passengers, the rated speed, the size of the car exterior and the type of the well path.Elevator
     Elevator to open the door, first let the car inside the staff out of the elevator, and then the elevator into the lift car. After entering the car, according to the floor you need to reach, press the corresponding Number button on the control Panel in the car. Also, as long as the button light is on, your selection has been recorded and no other action is required, as long as the elevator arrives at your destination level.Elevator