Automatic Pedestrian Ladder

             The automatic sidewalk can meet the needs of modern pedestrian traffic in different ways, applicable to airports, shopping malls, guesthouses, amusement centers and other places; The automatic sidewalk is equipped with advanced drive devices and reliable safety devices, and a series of damping and noise-resistant structures are used to make passengers feel comfortable, smooth and quiet on the way. Advanced safety and energy-saving devices.Automatic pedestrian ladder

            The automatic sidewalk is provided with a series of protection devices to ensure the safety of the runtime height: The electric part is equipped with a control Panel, a control box for the automatic sidewalk to start the braking, when the operation occurs abnormal, can cut off the power supply through the control loop, the electric control system uses the computer board, has the sidewalk speed and the handrail speed anomaly checkout, the oil supply control and so on, and has the The automatic sidewalk uses the high efficiency helical gear reducer and the new handrail actuation device, the product.Automatic pedestrian ladder

             Save energy; automatic walkway head and rear entrance can be equipped with photoelectric device to realize automatic start and stop function.

             1, in the escalator entrance should be fully unblocked area to accommodate passengers, the width of the unblocked area is at least equal to the distance between the center line. Its depth size is at least 2.5m. If the width of the area is increased to more than twice times the center of the handrail, the depth size is allowed to be reduced to 2m.Automatic pedestrian ladder

            2, the escalator and the floor intersection and each cross arrangement of escalators, should be placed above the outer cover plate a sharp edge of the vertical anti-collision baffle, its height should not be less than 0.3m (the distance between the handrail center line and any barrier is not less than 0. Except for 5m), such as the distance between the handrail center and any obstructions is not less than 0.5m, you do not need to comply with these requirements.Automatic pedestrian ladder

            3, the user should provide adequate and appropriate lighting for escalators and their surroundings. The illumination at the inlet and outlet, including the comb plate, is consistent with the required illumination in the area. The illumination of indoor or outdoor escalators is at least 50LX or 15LX respectively, and these are the values measured on the ground.Automatic pedestrian ladder