Automatic Pedestrian Ladder

           Escalators and automatic human rows of stairs, pedals, skirts, covers, handrails frame and guided by the area, are used in stainless steel design, fully guarantee the strength of the components, at the same time, the high luxury, beautify the building. Stainless steel Cascade surface has a unique non-slip line, the Cascade has a clear yellow border area, accurately distinguish each step, ride more secure, more assured.Automatic pedestrian ladder

           The Cascade rollers use polyurethane material, the buffering effect is better, the ladder road runs smoother and smoother. GRFII, Grrii are strictly implemented gb16899-1997 "escalator and automatic sidewalk manufacturing and installation safety standards," the European standard EN115 "escalators and automatic sidewalk manufacturing and installation safety standards." Its design, production, inspection, installation and acceptance of the entire process in our integrated management system effective and strict monitoring and management, to ensure quality, ensure product safety and reliable escalator products, based on the current European standards and Chinese standards, the application of new materials and advanced technology for the design, manufacturing, Combined with the German romantic design style, to ensure the high quality of products and elegant comfort. There are two angles for users to choose from, the 35-degree escalator for you to save space, 30-degree escalator to provide you with a better sense of operation comfort. Suitable for shopping malls, supermarkets, subways, airports and other places of large traffic, for your building to add a bright flow of wind shadow.Automatic pedestrian ladder

           The automatic sidewalk application has the international advanced technology, the advanced design style, combined with the fact that the Chinese design and manufacture, with exquisite structure, excellent ladder road, exquisite way, exquisite appearance, smooth operation, convenient maintenance, to provide passengers with a bright, comfortable new feeling, let you appreciate the extraordinary charm of modern architecture and luxurious style. Widely used in various major shopping malls, terminal terminals Airport Shopping Center Entertainment Centre exhibition Halls and other public fields.Automatic pedestrian ladder