Automatic Pedestrian Ladder Matters Of Emergency

Note: This appendix is for reference only, please units according to the actual situation to develop appropriate emergency rescue methods; emergency rescue team members should hold special equipment department issued by the "special equipment operating personnel card"; rescue personnel more than 2; Rescue equipment, tools: elevator floor key, commonly used hardware tools, traction wire rope splint, manual hoist, wire rope sets and wire rope clip, hand, hammer, crowbar and so on. In the rescue at the same time to ensure their own safety.Automatic pedestrian ladder

One of the maintenance staff will open the lock, the other will escalator wheel wheel on the direction of the movement and signs of rescue operations need to control the direction of the elevator, slowly turn the wheel hand wheel, the escalator to rescue operations need to run until Meet the rescue needs or decide to give up manual operation escalator operation method; close the brake device.Automatic pedestrian ladder

Horizontal or slightly inclined direction of the continuous delivery of personnel conveyor. Applicable to shopping malls, airports, stations and terminals and other places concentrated. Automatic sidewalks appear in the early 20th century. Its structure and escalator is mainly composed of active pavement and handrails in two parts. Often the moving pavement of the moving walkway does not form a stepped shape in the case of inclination. General sub-step (similar to the plate conveyor) and tape (similar belt conveyor) two. In order to achieve the general and economical use of escalator components, automatic sidewalks often use cascade structures and the same handrail structure.Automatic pedestrian ladder

Handrails should be synchronized with the activities of the road to ensure the safety of passengers. Automatic sidewalk running speed, road width and transport capacity are similar with the escalator, the maximum inclination is generally not more than 12 °. To carry out escalators and automatic sidewalk acceptance inspection and regular inspection, must comply with the provisions of the inspection procedures, requirements and methods. If the inspection method is inconsistent with this procedure, it shall be subject to the approval of the special equipment safety supervision organ of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.Automatic pedestrian ladder