Automatic Pedestrian Ladder Notes And Historical Development

    In order to effectively use the building space, the escalator and the sidewalk escalator from the original design changes, to achieve the truss length, width and depth of the miniaturization, can effectively save space.According to the era of energy saving requirements, escalator sidewalks in the overall increase in the performance of the whole ladder on the basis of the same type of escalator to save 30% of the energy effect. The use of efficient reducer, improve the transmission efficiency, reduce the running noise. The friction drive of the handrail belt can significantly extend the service life of the handrail belt.Automatic pedestrian ladder

    (1) facing the running direction, feet should stand in the safe area of the pedal (2) stand and hold the handrail. (3) Do not stay by escalator to exit. (4) children and sick and sick people should be able to exercise capacity of adults single-handedly stretched or arm ride, infants and young children should be hugged by the adults. (5) pay attention to loose clothing and slippers, soft soled shoes, shoelaces, etc., so as not to be caught. (6) Pets should be clung by the owner. (7) Passengers who can not use the escalator can not use the escort, the assistants, the wheelchair, and the like.Automatic pedestrian ladder

    Life continues, technology is developing, and elevators are also improving. 150 years, the elevator material from black and white to color, style from straight to oblique, in the control of control is a step by step new - handle switch operation, button control, signal control, set control, man-machine dialogue, etc. , The elevator has also appeared in parallel control, intelligent group control; double car elevator show the advantages of saving the hoist space, enhance the transport capacity; variable speed walkway escalator greatly reduced the pedestrian time; different shape - fan , Triangular, semi-rhombic, semi-circular, full-round sightseeing elevator makes the passengers in which the line of sight is no longer closed. Today, the United States Otis company as the representative of the world's leading elevator company exhibitors, still continue to carry out new elevator research and development, and constantly improve the maintenance and repair service system. Frequency control, intelligent remote monitoring, host energy saving, control cabinet low noise and durable, composite steel with environmental protection - a section of the human body in the mechanical, electronic, optical and other areas of the latest scientific research results of the new elevator race came out, cold buildings So scattered out of the glory of human nature, people's lives so become more beautiful.Automatic pedestrian ladder