Automatic Pedestrian Ladder Security On Common Sense

Automatic pedestrian ladder Safe ride common sense:

(1) Automatic pedestrian ladder

 Children and sick personnel should be held by the adults with the capacity of a hand tight or arm ride, infants should be taken by the above-mentioned adults to take the ride, adults also apply hand-held grip handrails belt, lest accidents happen. Passengers who rely on a fight, support rack and wheelchair walk should take the elevator.

(2) Automatic pedestrian ladder

 Avoid the head, limb outside the armrest device, in case of obstruction, ceiling, adjacent escalator or tilt-type automatic sidewalk collision, and cause personal injury accidents.

(3) Automatic pedestrian ladder

 Prohibit the use of the fight, umbrella tip or high heels and such sharp hard as the tip of the edge of the cascade into the slot or groove in the slot, in order to avoid damage to cascade or comb plate, and cause personal accidents.

(4) Automatic pedestrian ladder

 Do not run along the handrail in the reverse direction of deliberately pulling back the handrail attempt to prevent its operation; do not let your fingers and clothing touch the following parts of the handrail straps; Please do not hand over the bottom edge of the handrail belt. Otherwise, it will affect the normal operation of the handrail, damage the handrail parts, or scratch, squeeze the finger.

(5) Automatic pedestrian ladder

 Prohibit children climbing on handrails or inner cover board, prohibit the handrail or inner and outer cover plate as a slide to play, in case the occurrence of personnel abrasions, clips or crashes.

(6) Automatic pedestrian ladder

 Prohibit jumping, playing, running on the moving steps.

(7) Automatic pedestrian ladder

 prohibit walking and running along the cascade in the opposite direction, lest affect others use or fall. Forbid reliance on handrails to prevent clothing hanging or damaging handrails.

(8) Automatic pedestrian ladder

 prohibit the dropping of cigarette butts on the cascade to prevent fires; do not discard the cores, caps, ice-cream bars, chewing gum, merchandise packaging and other debris on the cascade to prevent damage to the comb; passengers do not wear soles with water, oil and other easy-to-slip shoes aboard.

(9) Automatic pedestrian ladder

 Automatic pedestrian ladder running comb plate is more dangerous parts, passengers should try to avoid hand, body, shoes, dresses, goods, sharp hard touch here, lest the danger.

(10) Automatic pedestrian ladder

 Prohibit the use of hand or other foreign bodies to touch the handrail entrance, to prevent involvement; prohibit children from playing around the handrail steering end, in case the head, arm or body by the handrail and the floor between the clip.

(11) Automatic pedestrian ladder

 When an unexpected emergency (such as a passenger falls or fingers, heel is clamped), should immediately call at the Cascade entrance passengers or on duty personnel immediately pressing the red Emergency stop button, stop the automatic operation ladder to avoid causing greater harm. Do not press this button normally, in case of sudden stopping and the other passengers fall for inertia.

(12) Automatic pedestrian ladder

 Prohibit barefoot ride, prohibit squatting on the stair pedal ride, do not wear soft plastic shoes, rubber shoe ride, especially when comb-tooth plate has a comb tooth defect, deformation, easy to make foot or buttocks suffer serious harm.

(13) Automatic pedestrian ladder

 Riding on the sidewalk, "walking on the left, relying on the right to stand," that is, passengers should be as close as possible to the side of the ladder to the right of standing, leaving the left space as the urgent line of passage, for urgent passengers to pass. This is a civilized method of riding ladder.