Comparison Of Functions Of Ordinary Elevators And Fire Protection Elevators

Fire elevators are elevators with certain functions that are used by firefighters for fire extinguishing and rescue when a building fire occurs. Therefore, fire elevators have high fire protection requirements and their fire protection design is very important.


 Ordinary elevators do not have the function of fire protection. In case of fire, people are forbidden to take the elevator to escape. Because when it is affected by high temperatures, or power outages, or the fire burns, it will certainly lead people who take the elevator and even take their lives. Fire elevators usually have a complete fire protection function It should be a dual-circuit power supply, that is, in the event that the power supply to the building's working elevator is interrupted, the very power supply of the fire elevator can be automatically engaged and can continue to operate; it should have an emergency control function, ie When a fire occurs upstairs, it accepts instructions and returns to the ground floor in time, but does not continue to accept passengers. It is only available to firefighters; it should reserve an emergency evacuation exit at the top of the car in case the elevator door opener When it fails, it can also escape from this evacuation.


For the main part of high-rise civil buildings, a fire-fighting elevator shall be installed when the floor area does not exceed 1,500 square meters; when there are more than 1,500 square meters and less than 4,500 square meters, two fire-fighting elevators shall be installed; when each floor area exceeds 4,500 square meters, Three fire elevators should be set up. The wells of fire elevators should be set separately and no other electrical pipes, water pipes, air pipes or ventilation pipes should be passed. The fire elevator shall have an antechamber, and the front chamber shall be provided with a fire door to enable it to have fire and smoke prevention functions. The load of fire extinguishing elevators should not be less than 800 kg. The plane size of the car should not be less than 1 meter x 1.5 meters. Its role is to be able to handle larger types of fire fighting appliances and stretchers for placing life-savings. The decoration materials in the fire elevator must be non-combustion building materials. The fire elevator power and control wires shall be waterproofed, and the fire exit elevator shall be provided with a flood protection. There should be a dedicated telephone in the elevator elevator car, and there should be a special operation button on the first floor. If the functions are up to standard in these areas, then in the event of a fire in the building, the fire elevator can be used for firefighting. If these conditions are not met, ordinary elevators cannot be used for firefighting and lifesaving. Taking a lift on fire can be life-threatening.


 Ordinary elevator can't escape vertically


 General elevators do not have the conditions for fire safety and cannot be used as vertical evacuation tools in fires. The main reasons are as follows


 The power supply is insecure. Because of a fire, firefighters must cut off all normal operating power and enable emergency power.


 2. Produce chimney effect. Because elevators are in operation, the elevator shaft loses its smoke prevention function and becomes a vertical passage for drawing and drawing fire, which not only promotes the spread of pyrotechnics, but also threatens people's life safety.


 3. Limited evacuation capacity. In the event of a fire, the elevator can only carry more than a dozen people at a time, and the rest must wait. This will delay the timing of evacuation.


4. If the elevator has an electromechanical fault (or power failure), the evacuation personnel will be trapped inside the elevator car and will not be able to escape.

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