Safety Points In Elevator Maintenance Work

Many people with the maintenance of the elevator, to do the ideological concentration, there is a call between each other, do a good job with the work.
If you want to use the triangle key to open the hall door, be sure to see the location of the car, do not take it for granted that the elevator must be in what position.
Open the hall door into the car top, can not immediately close the door, first of all to the maintenance switch placed in the repair file, press the emergency stop switch, open the car Ding Deng, in the car to stand before closing the door.

Out of the car top, the first to open the hall door, and then the car top overhaul switch, emergency stop switch, lighting switch, etc. one by one reset, after the arrival of the hall and then closed the door. (If the person standing outside the hall can operate to the above switch, should stand outside the office and then reset the above switch)
When the car is running, do not take the body out of the bar. Do not run around the ride.
In the car top, in case of runaway runaway control, do keep calm, should be able to grasp the matter, squatting in security, can not attempt to open the door out.
When working in the pit, the safety switch of the pit check box should be cut off. When climbing out of the pit, be sure to ensure that the door in the open state, can only connect the pit of the security circuit, and then quickly climbed out of the pit. (If you can operate the safety switch outside the hall, you should climb out of the pit and then turn on the safety switch, and then close the door)
If you have to short the door to check the elevator door lock failure, be sure to ensure that the elevator in the maintenance state. After checking, be sure to disconnect the door short before you can let the elevator reset to the normal state.
Check the elevator with the emergency device, when using the emergency switch, be sure to ensure that the door is closed, to prevent others fall into the shaft. Into the pit work, if the first floor of the door to be open, must be in the hall **** warning signs or personal care, do a good job to prevent others into the pit measures.
When you need to cut off the power maintenance elevator, you should hang “someone to operate, forbid closing” warning signs. When carrying out the operation or the use of electric tools, to do a good job to prevent electric shock safety matters.