Why Is The Elevator In China Not Easy To Repair, The Answer Is Here.

First, the elevator is a combination of mechanical and electrical. This is an indisputable fact, but in many places, the renovation works elevators and passenger elevators are not separated. All passenger elevators transport cement and sand! I can imagine what will happen, followed by the failure of high-rise heating construction, resulting in many elevators soaking water. During the heating period from September last year to April this year, two elevators soaked water three times, one of which was on fire! It’s no wonder that it’s no problem to use the elevator in such an environment!

Second, the inaction of the property, saving money is also a key point that causes frequent elevator accidents. Many properties do not buy lubricants for cost savings. The replacement of the accessories is not changed. Take the elevator in my hand as an example. Many elevators are used because The building has been parked for the future, and suddenly it is not willing to pay for the lubricants. Since the elevator guide rails have been running without any lubrication for two months, it is even more frustrating that the elevator contactors are no longer available. The conditions of operation, Party A also has no money, and the excuses to replace the money have been swindled me to repair and repair, how many elevators in the repair of contactors? Since last year, there has been an elevator shaft that has been seeping water. It can only be used on the floor where the water seepage is used. The door of the elevator hall has been corroded. I think this kind of hall door is a mosquito that can crash into the well. Fortunately, Party A has made a written guarantee, so the elevator has been running, I am helpless!

Third, the quality of very few owners is low. The elevator is a whole body. Many screws will loosen when transporting passengers up and down every day. It needs to be tightened. The door of the elevator needs to be adjusted. The guide rails need to be re-lubricated but have How many owners can understand? Asking for the night maintenance requirements, the elevator is also a person, I can only say that I can't do it! During the maintenance period, there were a lot of complaints from the owners. Some time ago, because the owner’s own 8 people took 2 children to take the elevator, the children in the car caused the elevator to stop, and there was a sleepy incident. It is worth mentioning that this owner is a culture. People directly complained to the provincial bureau. Fortunately, no passengers were injured. In the face of surveillance video, the owners still chattered. It is recommended that elevators in their own elevators should install monitoring systems as much as possible to avoid backing!