Hot Summer Season, Elevator Failure Season

In summer, the peak of electricity consumption, the elevator may be "emotional strike"

The sun is burning, the heat is coming, and the elevator will "heatstroke"

In the event of heavy rain and lightning, the elevator is also afraid of "water intake"

The elevator is a height

Automated mechatronics equipment

High temperature and peak period of residential electricity consumption

Will have a lot of impact on the elevator

Statistical display

Continuous high temperature or thunderstorm weather

Will cause the elevator to be trapped or the number of malfunctions increased

The national standard clearly stipulates that in order to ensure the normal operation of equipment in the equipment room, the ambient temperature in the equipment room should be kept between 5 and 40 °C. In fact, the outdoor temperature in summer is close to 40 degrees, not to mention the closed elevator room on the roof of the building that is exposed to the sun.

If there is no heat dissipation in the equipment room

The temperature in the machine room can reach more than 50 degrees

In this environment

High temperature will cause the control system board, etc.

Electrical component failure or component overheat protection device activation

Stop the elevator

This is one of the main reasons for the high incidence of elevator failures in summer.

Some elevator rooms, shafts or pits

Unreliable due to building rain and waterproof facilities

Sudden increase in rainwater may be poured into the elevator engine room, shaft or pit

Causing some electrical devices to get wet or short

Lightning can also cause urban power system failure

These may cause the elevator to suddenly stop operating.


Summer urban power system high load operation

May cause power outages, power outages or extreme weather

Sudden interruption of city power supply

The elevator failure rate in summer is much higher than other periods.