Two Clever Designs On Escalators And Moving Walkways

Both types of escalators have one thing in common, that is, the handrails run faster than the pedals under the feet. So when you walk the elevator, you will feel the body tilting a little forward. But this kind of forward leaning is not dangerous. If the handrail is slower, when you take the elevator, the hand above the handrail will run backwards, and the arm will bend. When the arm is bent, the hand will not easily release the handrail, and then fall down. To avoid this, the hand strap will be a little faster than the pedals under your feet.

Why do you have to design a slope type with a stepped escalator?

Because in some shopping malls, there are more people shopping, it is necessary to push a shopping cart. It is not convenient for the shopping cart to push this stepped escalator. Therefore, the slope type escalator will be available.

Will the shopping cart slip on the slope?

If you have this design, it will not slip.

Shopping mall slope elevator

There is a strip-shaped groove on the escalator pedal. Just like this, the wheel of the shopping cart is stuck to the top, so that the rubber block next to the wheel is pressed against the pedal to achieve the anti-slip effect.

Does the groove of the escalator pedal have any other effect?

Certainly, at the top and bottom of the escalator, there is a comb-like design that prevents most things from getting stuck in the elevator. But it is not safe to have this design. It is still necessary to leave snacks when taking the elevator every day.