How To Use Passenger Elevators Safely

1. When taking the elevator, first make sure that you are going upstairs or downstairs. There will be corresponding arrows on the elevator control panel, press it.

2. After the elevator arrives at the floor, first let the people inside come out, then go in, go down first, and avoid crowding.

3. After entering the elevator, the passenger can close the elevator door by pressing the “close button” on the operation panel inside the elevator; press the floor to be visited, and then wait for the elevator to run.

4. Elevators have a standard number of passengers. When the personnel is overloaded, the alarm device in the elevator will give an audible prompt. At this time, the passenger should take the initiative to reduce the staff, and generally enter the elevator car and exit until the elevator cancels the alarm.

5. When an abnormal phenomenon or malfunction occurs in the elevator, the passenger should keep calm. You can call the car to set up an alarm call for help or alarm, and then wait for the rescue. You can also call for help, and you must not slam the door in an attempt to escape the car. So as not to cause the elevator to fall rapidly, causing injury.

6. Care for the environment, do not litter in the elevator, do not spit. The elevator environment is relatively closed, and the environment is convenient for you and me.

7. When taking the elevator, the elevator door will automatically close. When someone is shouting outside, you must not isolate the elevator door to avoid injury. You can "open" the elevator door by pressing the control button on the elevator panel.