How To Choose A Home Elevator, Senhe Elevator Tells You

01, choose the appropriate structure of the home elevator

       The structure of the private house determines that the home elevator or villa elevator should adopt the inorganic room home elevator structure. The motor of the home elevator is generally installed at the top floor of the hoistway, without the need to construct another machine room, which saves the construction cost and construction. The space can also complement the appearance of the building and combine perfectly.

02, choose the appropriate home elevator to open the door

As a high-end private custom-made residential accessory product, the home elevator must have higher requirements and pursuits in the decoration design. However, while meeting the individual needs and the decoration style, we must also pay attention to the use of security, functional and practical, but not decorative.

The door opening method of the household elevator is divided into a hand-operated door and an automatic door. The hand-operated door adds a door lock linkage device and an electrical door opening, but since there is no car door protection design, there may be a safety hazard; the automatic door is the same as the public passenger elevator. Double protection of the car door and hall door.

       For the sake of space saving, the home elevator can be selected as a side-by-side automatic door. Because the side-opening automatic door can save the building area and utilize the width of the hoistway as much as possible, it can also be easily used by the disabled and the elderly with limited mobility, and it also reflects the humanized design considerations.