How To Choose A Home Elevator?

01, choose a safe home elevator

      Household elevators put forward higher requirements for safety protection, especially for the elderly or children in the family, in case of sudden power failure or malfunction in the use of elevators, choose a home elevator with automatic rescue device and automatic dialing configuration, for family Play a very good security.

      Senhe elevator is safe and secure. It is equipped with emergency power supply UPS. In case of sudden power failure, the UPS equipment will start automatically. The elevator will run to the nearest floor and open the elevator door to avoid passengers being trapped due to sudden power failure. When the speed limiter and the safety gear ensure the risk of overspeed and falling of the car, the linkage operation stops the car to avoid personal injury and equipment damage; the exclusive emergency dialing device of Senhe Elevator can preset 5 different numbers. In case of emergency, one button automatically dials in the preset order until it is connected, ensuring that the trapped person gets rescued in time.

02, choose a brand that is reliable after sale and maintenance

      When purchasing, you should know whether there is a timely and effective emergency after-sales system and solution mechanism when the villa elevator fails. When the villa elevator arrives at the maintenance date, does it have a professional and efficient maintenance team; when the owner has operational problems, he wants to ask At the time, can you get timely and effective feedback from the manufacturer.

      As a convenient tool for installation in private homes, home elevators are increasingly favored by users. According to the comprehensive requirements of the civil construction requirements, location layout, safety and other aspects of the house, choose the most suitable home elevator, so that the family can enjoy a better quality of life, and the accommodation is more comfortable and comfortable.