Home Elevator Is Not Equal To Passenger Elevator, Please Don't Misunderstand

The first is the difference in the use of the scene. The conventional commercial passenger elevator is more used in office buildings, high-rise buildings and commercial buildings. It is a kind of public equipment. It is installed in a public space where everyone can enter and exit at will. Property personnel are monitored 24 hours a day. The home elevator is the private equipment of each villa family. There is no special guardianship, and it is installed in a private space that outsiders cannot enter.

The rise of the villa market has given birth to a rapid development of an emerging industry. The home elevator industry is attracting a large number of domestic and foreign capitals in the market scale of hundreds of billions of dollars. In just a few years, the home elevator market has achieved a grand scene from the door to the hundred miles, and the number of enterprises has grown rapidly from the first few to hundreds.

Home elevator, still in the chaotic dividend market

As an important component of quality life, villas have become a symbol of many successful people to improve their family's living environment and express their love for home. Therefore, in the decoration of the villa, the owners all pay more attention to their sense of quality, and pay more attention to how to provide more convenience for family life. Compared with the renovation budget of several million, the proportion of the cost of decoration for a home elevator is relatively low. Therefore, smarter home elevators have become a necessity for every villa decoration.

In the face of huge wealth opportunities, many companies have tried to get into the home elevator market in an attempt to seize the industry dividend. However, most of the current home elevator manufacturers on the market are “part-time” by conventional elevator companies; even more cases of lifting equipment manufacturers turning into home elevator brands are everywhere.

Since the state has not implemented mandatory supervision and inspection management for home elevators, the owners who are actual users of home elevators have not yet formed a rational understanding of this product. For a time, the product quality and service quality of the entire industry market are mixed and the level is also uneven.

Secondly, the difference between the crowds, the conventional commercial passenger elevators, usually multi-person boarding at the same time, and mainly for young and middle-aged people; while the users of home elevators are more elderly or children staying at home.

Again, the biggest difference between the two is still in terms of safety and security. Due to the special environment of the use environment and the crowd, the home elevators need to pay more attention to safety protection.