Home Elevator Is Not Equal To Passenger Elevator, Please Don't Misunderstand

"Let every home elevator have the function of self-defeating, this is the core technology that home elevators should have." Mr. You Changan broke the pain point that the most important need for home elevators to be concerned about in terms of safety and security.

Imagine a scenario where when you go out to work, the elderly or children who stay at home are accidentally trapped inside the elevator. Maintenance personnel need to come from afar, even if they arrive, they can't enter your villa. What's more, once the old man stays in the elevator for a long time due to physical discomfort, what should he do?

How to make the trapped person easy to save himself?

How can the maintenance personnel not get into the villa to help the trapped person get out of trouble?

How do you let the owner of the family find the elderly who are stuck in the elevator due to physical discomfort?

As a professional brand that only produces and sells home elevators, Senhe Home Home Elevator has set a goal of “building a safer villa elevator” since its inception; it is dedicated to the research and development of “active safety technology”. After years of exploration and research, the above three major problems have been solved in their products. Today's Alpha home elevators are equipped with dozens of innovative technology patents, which perfectly realizes the active safety of “faulty active escape system”, “remote rescue system”, “sleepy active monitoring system”, and “family communication system”. The full use of technology in home elevator products. It has become the industry leading brand of “home elevator active safety technology”.

“Any industry will experience a short period of growth before the market matures, but this process will certainly not be very long. Only a brand that thinks deeply, truly understands consumer needs, meets consumer pain points, and can provide high-quality service capabilities, In order to become a leader in this industry, we can lead the industry to create order.” The Senhe brand of home elevators has already become such a capability and temperament.