How To Prevent Passenger Elevator Failure In Daily Life

First, the passenger elevator may be stopped due to phase failure

      When the three-phase power supply is out of phase, the phase sequence relay acts to cut off the safety circuit and stop the elevator. This type of fault is more in the elevator controlled by the relay logic. Because it is an old-fashioned elevator, the power switch is mostly a guillotine type. The power supply passes through the limit switch and is sent to the elevator control cabinet and the two switches through which the power supply flows. There are six fuses. The elevator runs and starts, and the current is very large. After a period of operation, if the maintenance personnel do not check in time, the connection between the fuse and the screw is extremely easy to blow, the elevator is out of phase, causing the elevator to stop, and the passenger is shut down, and the accident occurs.

   The main preventive measures: a. Maintenance personnel should always inspect and check, find suspicious places, repair in time, hot and sparking should be replaced immediately.

b. It is recommended that the user replace the knife switch with a relatively large capacity air switch.

c. The elevators designed now have no power limit switch. The author believes that the safety circuit can be slightly modified, that is, the upper and lower limit electrical switches are installed in series in the safety circuit to remove the original limit switch.

After b.c. processing, this fault can be completely eliminated.