What Security Strategies Should We Take When Taking The Elevator?

So we should pay attention to the following security strategies when riding an escalator:

First, pay attention to props

Never use crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, or ordinary carts to sit on the escalator.

Second, pay attention to dress

Long skirts, long bags in your hands, and high-heeled shoes with very thin toes are easy to get stuck or hung.

Third, do not squeeze or grab

If there are a lot of passengers, don't rush into the waiting area. You should order in a steady and quick way. If you have poor eyesight, be especially careful.

Fourth, pay attention to your feet

Do not step on the junction of the two steps to prevent the escalator from falling to the inclined section due to the height difference between the front and rear steps.

Five, speed and speed separation

When there are 1-2 steps from the exit cover, look at the edge and step out of the escalator. At the end of the flight, please quickly step out of the escalator, leave the escalator exit area, do not stop talking or look around, please take the initiative to give way to the passengers behind.

Six, the bag is put

Do not put a handbag or a small bag on the handrail

Seven, the posture is correct

To stand in the direction of the step movement, hold the handrail with one hand to prevent accidents such as an emergency stop or someone pushing. Do not lean on the side skirt of the escalator. Do not extend the side of the escalator. Do not use the tops of the skirts on both sides of the escalator to polish your shoes.

Eight, do not run

Steps are not designed for walking. Even if you are in a hurry, don't walk or run on the steps.

Nine, accompanying young and old

When the elderly and children are riding, there must be support from the health personnel and accompanying the lower ladder. You can't let go of the process. You should pay attention to the things in your child's hands. Because the child may fall because of something, it will happen because the search for things is going around and avoiding the child falling down.

Ten, emergency button

It is best not to ride more than two people in the same class. The maximum height of each escalator can only be 160 kilograms, avoiding the collapse of the steps. The emergency button is a red button located at both ends of the escalator. The escalator is equipped with an emergency button. Pressing the emergency button immediately stops the escalator.