Do You Have To Install A Door To The Elevator Type? What Are The Issues That Need Attention?

There are two design types for elevators. One is the elevator that directly accesses the indoors. This type of elevator is required to enter the elevator. Only the information of the card and the floor correspond to each other before entering the room. The information of the card must be consistent with the floor information. This type of elevator is usually a double-open elevator.

The second type is that the elevator enters the room through access to the aisle, the entrance hall, the entrance garden, etc. This type of elevator is actually a concept of stealing, that is, passing the aisle and corridor of the public part. To the user, it is not the actual meaning of the elevator to enter the household.

First of all, the advantage of the elevator is that it is very private and enters its private space without going through the corridor, and will not disturb the surrounding residents. Although the elevator is a public facility, it only provides corresponding services on the corresponding floors, which is more secure and convenient to use. There are also shortcomings in elevators. After all, there is only one elevator. The elevators should be used upstairs and downstairs. The elevators are close to the indoors and the noise will be larger. Therefore, according to their own actual conditions, it is necessary to properly install the door noise. Then the area of the pool is correspondingly larger, and the area used is relatively small. Nowadays, the design of elevators to the home generally requires the design of two doors, mainly to prevent elevators from malfunctioning, maintenance, and access during maintenance. The corresponding occupied common parts are much more.

The above are the advantages and disadvantages of elevators entering the household, personal opinions, for reference only, please bear with the inadequacies, and learn together to make progress.