Elevator Drive Technology

                  With the increase of urban rate in China, the demand for elevators is increasing rapidly. Compared with 1992, then the city rate of 27.8%, the new elevator volume of 16,000, 2005, the city rate of 43%, the new elevator volume has been growing to 125,000 units, and according to the latest statistics, 2006 China's elevator production has exceeded 150,000 units, accounting for the world's annual output of One-third. And the elevator and air conditioning is the most energy-consuming "Barroth", according to the survey of three-star hotels nationwide, air-conditioning and elevators two power consumption accounted for one-third of the city's electricity consumption, so energy-saving in the elevator field has a particularly important significance.Elevator

                 In elevator technology, the driving system is a typical motion control system, which controls the starting, accelerating, steady-speed operation and deceleration of the elevator, and the performance of the drive system directly affects the flatness, vibration and noise of the elevator. Currently in the old-fashioned elevator drive system, almost AC induction motor Eminence, driving mode is mainly: (1) AC two-speed drive system: Its three-phase AC induction motor stator using two different polar logarithm of the winding, open loop control mode, the line simple, energy-intensive, poor ride comfort. (2) AC voltage regulation system: three-phase AC induction motor stator by using thyristor AC voltage Regulator power supply, speed control performance is better than the former, but it is essentially a change of motor slip speed method, in the speed regulation process, a large number of power consumption, resulting in motor rotor heating, is a low efficiency of the speed Regulation method. (3) Frequency conversion speed control system: the development of VVVF technology, so that its speed regulation performance to the DC speed control level, compared with the first two, is a high efficiency speed control technology, and drive-controlled equipment small size, light weight.Elevator

                 2000, we developed the first permanent magnet synchronous traction machine in Xizi Elevator Company Real Ladder Test success, company to energy-saving strategic vision, 2001 in China took the lead in the introduction of the use of gear-free permanent magnet synchronous traction Machine Drive OH5000 Elevator series, led the elevator drive system of the new trend for the elevator energy-saving made a contribution.Elevator