Elevator Failure And Reconstruction Method

Elevator technical renovation of the contents of the previous elevator fault, quality level is not high, mainly reflected in the electrical control of the elevator part.Elevator 

AC Double speed elevator adopts relay control, many devices, complex control structure, contact touch point reliability is poor; the AC speed-regulating elevator is controlled by discrete components early, and the manufacturing quality of domestic SCR and other electronic devices is not stable. DC Speed Control elevator is basically the generator set drag, discrete components plus relay controls. Elevator control and speed adjustment technology backward, device aging, is the main cause of poor quality of the elevator.Elevator

Therefore, the technical renovation of the elevator is mainly around the electrical part of the elevator. The mechanical part of the elevator is relatively stable in quality, especially the elevators produced by several large elevator factories in China. Generally, when the elevator is reformed, the mechanical part is only adjusted and overhauled.Elevator

The initial elevator retrofit is limited to the high failure rate of the old relay control. Using the imported programmable controller PLC, according to the logic relation of elevator relay control, compiling the software program that the characteristic and function is basically consistent with the original elevator. Because the elevator has been reformed by PLC, the control equipment is greatly simplified, the root of many elevator faults is eliminated, the failure rate is greatly reduced, the result of transformation is very obvious, the development momentum of the elevator transformation is very fierce and the popularization is very fast.Elevator

In addition to the use of elevator funds or the use of the elevator for too long can only be updated, almost all have the intention of revamping the elevator. With the accumulation of experience of elevator renovation, elevator technology has stepped out of the logic control of simple replication of the initial stage, the two-speed elevator into AC speed elevator, and then developed into a variety of AC elevator to sign the current speed of the most new technology of VVVF speed control elevator (ie, VVVF elevator).Elevator