Elevator How To Run?

How does the elevator work?

Elevator The elevator has a car and a pair of heavy, through the wire rope to connect them together, the wire rope through the drive device (traction machine) traction drive, so that the elevator car and the weight of the elevator in the guide to do up and down movement.

Elevator The boot boots on the cabin can be mounted along the fixed guideway on the wall of the building to prevent the car from deflection or swinging in operation. Often closed block brake in the motor work loose brake, the elevator operation, in the case of braking, so that the car stops lifting, and at the designated level station to maintain its static state, for personnel and cargo access. The car is a cabinet part carrying passengers or other loads, balancing car loads and reducing motor power for reuse.

Elevator The compensating device is used to compensate the tension and weight change in the traction rope movement, so that the traction motor is loaded stably and the car can dock accurately. The electric system realizes the control of the elevator movement, completes the selection layer, the flat layer, the speed measurement, the illumination work. Instructs the calling system to display the car's movement direction and the location of the floor. Safety device ensures safety of elevator operation.

Elevator Is there any danger of sudden blackout in elevator operation?

Elevator operation if encountered a sudden blackout or power supply line failure, the elevator will automatically stop running, there is no danger. Because the elevator itself has electrical and mechanical safety devices, once the power outage, the elevator brake will automatically brake, so that the elevator can not run. In addition, the power supply department if there is a planned blackout, will notify beforehand, elevator or stop running.

Elevator When the elevator blackout, the lower compartment of the safety pliers, it will be stuck in the guide rails, is fixed on the rails, will not slip. Some elevator control cabinet inside the emergency power supply, when the sudden blackout, emergency power supply is sufficient to take the car to the floor, open the door to let passengers safe out.