Elevator Machinery Parts

                    The elevator is a vertical lift powered by electric motor, also known as the vertical elevator, in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong commonly known as "Shan" (lift transliteration). The vertical elevator is fitted with a box-shaped pod for use in multi-storey buildings to multiply people or carry goods. Elevators also have stair-type, step board mounted on the track running continuously, commonly known as automatic elevators, also known as escalators, pedestrian elevators, escalators and so on. An elevator is a stationary lifting device that serves a specified floor, between a rigid guideway running at least two rows of vertical or sloping angles less than 15 °. With the car elevator, the size and structure of the car to facilitate passenger access or loading and unloading cargo.Elevator

                    1. The elevator traction machine needs oil lubrication. There are two scales on the hood of the traction machine, open the nozzle to view oil should be in the middle of two, if the oil below the scale, it should be to the traction machine refueling, if not refueling, the elevator for a long time running will not be very good lubrication, resulting in the elevator traction machine and motor burn. The elevator operation time is long after should replace the oil in time, so that the traction machine always keep refreshing good lubrication.

                    2. The cleaning and lubrication of the boot of the elevator car. As we all know, guide boots running on the guide rail, there is oil cup on the boot, to make the elevator in operation does not produce friction must be regular to oil cup refueling and cleaning guide boots, and should clean the car health.Elevator

                    3. Elevator door and car door maintenance. Elevator failure generally in the elevator hall door and car door, so should pay attention to the maintenance of the hall door, car door. One is the door of the upper ridge of the refueling place to refuel, to maintain good lubrication, the elevator will not be in operation and the door opened to make unpleasant noises. Pay attention to the safety of the elevator contact plate or light screen type of the contact switch line inspection, because the frequency of the elevator switch door is higher, will make the switch line damage, this requires the maintenance personnel in every a work must be checked, the change will be in advance, do not let the user because of the door of the elevator product quality doubt.Elevator