Elevator Safety Depends On Three Parts, Seven Parts

After the first batch of residents checked in in March 2017, the owner reflected the problem of elevator failure: stop ladder, no signal or even slide. The reporter tried to take the elevator, and found that the operation was creaking. According to the property personnel, the housing estate has been in less than one year, has handled more than 80 elevator failures, 19 slides. The new residents are afraid to check in, and the owners have been living a life of fear every day, saying that "anyone who takes the elevator is a brave man".

In less than one year, the check-in time is shorter, and the few elevators in the community have more than 80 records of repair, so it is no wonder that the client is afraid. In addition, in recent years, the "kill elevator" and "elevator shock" incidents have occurred, which has made people pay more and more attention to how to ensure the safety of elevators.

According to the 2014 implementation of the "special equipment safety", elevator belong to special equipment, its production (including design, manufacture, installation, alteration, repair), management, use, inspection, testing and special equipment safety supervision and management, etc, are included in the special equipment safety supervision according to law. As for the elevator production and manufacturing, this law and the mandatory standard stipulated by the state, detailed to the parts size and functional parameters have strict and meticulous regulations. Therefore, according to the laws and regulations, the quality of elevator products produced by regular manufacturers should have a relatively complete guarantee.

But the elevator is very complex mechanical and electrical equipment, made up of many complex parts, the installation environment is also different, may be because a small device improper installation or operation of the lack of maintenance is an accident. Therefore, some experts pointed out that the safety of elevators depends on "three parts and seven parts", and improper use and lack of maintenance are more likely to cause accidents.

Daily inspection and maintenance of elevators, the "special equipment safety" by the state general administration of quality supervision and the management and maintenance of elevator using rules also have regulations related content, such as the elevator in accordance with the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine issued a year of regular supervision and inspection procedures, to do an inspection on a regular basis. The management unit of the elevator shall give the maintenance work to the qualified professional company to do it, which shall be divided into half a month, quarter, half year, and year to carry out the maintenance of different degrees.

For residential area, elevator use management unit is property company, they are responsible for choosing and monitor the maintenance company, but it is clear that the property must be in the process of choosing control cost, low price to under a high quality. How to ensure the frequency and quality of daily maintenance, as well as the speed and strength of emergency rescue? And the annual quality inspection, can be found in the annual elevator warranty record of the maintenance deficiency? Elevator "bring disease" work, whether want an accident ability to know? In reality, the property itself is also the business level is not high, the problem such as staff liquidity is bigger, its regulatory elevator maintenance enterprise's ability is limited, maintenance company ability is uneven also, lead to the main body of management responsibility is difficult to implement.

Obviously, compared with the strict legal standards of elevator production, the daily supervision is not proportional to the people's insecurity. Therefore, the daily maintenance supervision work needs to further refine the legal provisions. At the same time, rely on "seven FenYang" since the elevator safety, daily maintenance of all regulatory responsibilities will not be able to rely on property company, the department in charge of industry, comprehensive regulatory and territorial government should shoulder their respective responsibilities, should strengthen the professional maintenance of market access in the prophase of the accused, mid-term strengthen the regulation in the whole process of the elevator maintenance, elevator running to minimize accidents.