The birthplace of the American skyscraper and the safe elevator is also the birthplace of the automatic staircase. To create an automatic staircase there are two people who are Jesse · W· Reynolds and George W. Kennedy H· Wheeler. Their earliest idea was to design an active slant. It's easy to make this stuff, but it's likely to be unstable or dangerous for passengers.Escalator

             So Renault and Wheeler changed the design to replace the ramp with the moving steps. The movable staircase was patented in 1892, but it wasn't until 1899 that it had its own name--"automatic staircase".Escalator

             Each step is carried by 4 wheels, and the 4 wheels rotate in a track that hides underneath. The track is horizontal at the top and bottom of the escalator, allowing people to step on or off the stairs. The steps form a continuous turning loop, just as the stair ring on the escalator today.Escalator

            The automatic sidewalk "changes on the basis of an automatic staircase and has an active horizontally walkway. It is mainly used in airports because people often carry heavy baggage in the airport for a long walk.

            Now big and small market and supermarkets have automatic staircases exist, we will never be unfamiliar. But there are always people who don't know his name. Even call it an elevator.Escalator