Escalator Control System And Energy Saving And Environmental Protection

Escalators in hotels, shopping malls, subways, railway stations, office buildings, airports and other places of application more, in the convenience of customers and improve the quality of service has played a very important role. However, due to the particularity of its use, some escalators are often in a state of light load or no-load, which will waste a lot of electric energy, and will also cause the escalator wear.Escalator

The escalator control system has 3 kinds: Relay control system, PLC control system and Micro single-chip microcomputer control system. At present, the escalator used in the market and relay control, because the relay control system noise, maintenance inconvenience, control way backward, has not adapted to the needs of the modern people, is gradually being eliminated. Micro MCU control system has a great development in intelligence, but due to the development time of micro MCU control system, the difficulty of program alteration, anti-jamming and so on, restricted its application. and PLC control system has the high reliability, the stability, the maintenance inspection convenience and so on obvious merit, coupled with now gradually fashionable computerized control electrical equipment, the PLC control escalator just caters to the people's mentality, and the market demand is closely connected, its development prospect has been greatly optimistic.Escalator

According to the current technical standards, the work of escalators can be divided into ordinary and public transport type of two. The most typical and most common type of public transport escalator is an outbound escalator installed in a subway station. The results of our field tests on this escalator show that whenever the subway station, flocked to the flow of people on the escalator lasted about 45 seconds, if the 3-minute subway calculation, the escalator "load persistence rate" is only about 25%, the rest of the escalator is in no-load or very low load operation. Public transport escalator Even so, the rest of the ordinary escalator situation is not to say. Therefore, it is necessary to take energy saving measures for escalators.Escalator