Escalator Frequency Conversion Operation Control System

              Equipment process requirements 1, require the escalator to start running smoothly. 2. Good acceleration performance, big starting torque and strong overload ability. 3, when the frequency converter speed control system failure, automatic switching to work frequency operation, to ensure that the function of the escalator transport normal. When there is a passenger flow, the infrared sensor switch is triggered, and the escalator is immediately stabilized to set the frequency 1, high-speed operation; Elevator high-speed operation, the controller built-in timer start timing, if in the set period of time no longer passengers through the elevator, escalators automatically switch to set the frequency 2, low-speed operation; If in the set period of time, there are passengers to trigger the infrared sensor switch, the timer will be timed again.Escalator

             System features 1. Escalator running speed can be set, start running smoothly. 2. The protection function is perfect, has the fault automatic reset and the power frequency/frequency conversion function, even if the energy saving controller has the breakdown also does not affect the equipment continuous work. 3. Some people ride the inverter high-speed and smooth operation, no one ride when the variable speed low-speed smooth operation, efficient, energy-saving, comfortable. 4. Impact Load: 180% motor rated torque, 2 seconds do not jump off; low frequency torque: 0.00Hz, 150% rated torque output.Escalator

             The escalator frequency conversion operation control system is a new control system which is composed of inverter, photoelectric switch, escalator inverter running special controller and other necessary auxiliary components on the basis of the original power frequency control control system. The escalator can control the running speed of the escalator according to the passenger flow condition. When there are no passengers on the escalator, escalator low speed operation; When the escalator photoelectric switch detects a passenger, the escalator starts to accelerate smoothly and achieves the rated running speed; When the system does not detect passengers within a certain time, the system starts to slow down and stays in a low-speed energy-saving operation until there is a passenger demand again.Escalator

            There are two obvious advantages of the escalator for frequency conversion and speed regulation operation. First of all, because the escalator is in a low-speed energy-saving operation for most of the time, its operating speed is only equivalent to 30% of the rated speed, so the benefits of energy-saving renovation of escalators are reflected in the reduction of mechanical wear and noise reduction has the following benefits: 1. Start gently, reduce the impact on the mechanical equipment and power grid voltage; 2. The electricity saving rate is 30% to very much; 3. reduce mechanical wear and tear of equipment, reduce mechanical failure, prolong service life, reduce expenses of maintenance and maintenance; Can be transported when the noise is significantly reduced, and secondly, after the energy-saving renovation, the escalator in reducing the speed of the same time, inverter will be proportional to reduce the output voltage, thus greatly reducing the consumption of power, effectively saving energy, reduce the operating costs. Measured, the escalator at low speed operation of the energy consumed by the normal operation of the One-third. Suppose the actual use time of a escalator is 20% per day. The remaining 80% of the time can be energy-saving two-thirds.Escalator