Escalator Take Safety Instructions

gather, in case by automatic stair hanging, cause unnecessary damage.

2. Escalator Children on the automatic staircase, must be led by adults stop, do not let them disorderly touch, can not be in the elevator mouth or automatic staircase chasing, slapstick, climbing; the old man on the automatic staircase, must grasp the armrest, help adhere to the body balance.

3. Escalator The head and hand can not stretch out the automatic staircase, avoid in the automatic stair work process is injured by the surrounding barrier material, clip injury.

4. Escalator In the automatic staircase should face up to the direction of the work of automatic staircase stood upright, hand-held handrails, not relying on handrails, feet close to the pedal near the yellow line, to avoid the trouser side in the movement of the elevator cracks in.

5. Escalator Standing on the right side of the escalator, leaving one side of the passage is not scientific. It's unsafe to walk on an automatic staircase. Advise passengers, on the automatic staircase as far as possible not to walk, a-level automatic stair stairs up to two million people. Suppose to see the automatic staircase too many, preferably take the stairs.

6. Escalator Do not stay in the automatic staircase import and export office, do not let the child in the automatic staircase running back and forth, do not kick the automatic stair belt plate to avoid danger.

7. Escalator The head and limbs cannot be stretched out of the handrail equipment, avoiding obstructions, ceilings, adjacent automatic staircases.

8. Escalator Carry bags and so on do not put on the cascade pedal or hand-held belt, in case of falling injured people.

Escalator Suppose the elevator has a disadvantage or is an unexpected attack, each automatic staircase on the upper and lower ends of each have a red emergency stop button, close button passengers need to press the first time button, automatic staircase will automatically stop, to avoid the situation further deterioration.