Escalators And Automatic Moving Walk Management

Escalators And Automatic Moving Walk Management

- Jul 10, 2018 -

Escalators and moving moving walk are continuous conveying machines for carrying people. They are generally used in places where people flow is concentrated. They transport a large number of people and have a long working time. Therefore, escalators and automatic sidewalks must be well managed.


First, implement the management department and personnel

In order to manage the escalators and moving walks, the unit with escalators and moving walks should implement the management department and personnel, establish a file for the equipment and keep the files well. Self-maintenance, maintenance personnel must undergo training assessment, and obtain qualification certificates issued by the local (city) level quality and technical supervision departments. Before using the escalator and moving walkway, a warning sign should be installed near the entrance. These signs should be represented as pictograms as possible, with a minimum size of 80mm x 80mm. The content should at least include: a. The child must be tightened; b. The dog must be held; c. Standing in the running direction while standing, the feet must leave the edge of the step; d, hold the handrail. Maintenance personnel should do a good job of recording work. Users of non-serviceable and qualified personnel should entrust qualified maintenance organizations with daily maintenance work. The management of the use of escalators and moving walks should be based on the post responsibility system, including the management of the safe use and operation of equipment, including technical file management, safe operation, routine inspection, maintenance, regular inspection, and emergency measures. And strictly enforced.


Second, the establishment of escalators and automatic sidewalk files

1. Number and archive all the technical documents and drawings that are random, and keep them in a safe place. In these materials, the use and maintenance manuals, electrical control schematics, and electrical wiring diagrams of escalators and moving moving walk should be placed in an eye-catching position for routine maintenance.

2. Each year, the special equipment inspection agency shall also establish a file for the inspection report of escalators and automatic sidewalks, each maintenance record, and accident records.


Third, establish a normal management system

1. The newly added escalator and moving sidewalk must use the acceptance inspection report and safety inspection qualification mark issued by the special equipment inspection agency to register with the special equipment safety supervision agency at the local or municipal level in the region where the safety inspection is passed. The logo can be put into formal use only after it has been fixed in a prominent position on the special equipment.

2. The maintenance personnel of escalators and moving walks shall hold qualification certificates for special equipment operators in order to be employed.

3. The maintenance units of escalators and moving moving walk shall have corresponding qualification certificates.

4. The activation keys for escalators and moving walks should be kept by special personnel.

5. The escalator and the automatic sidewalk should be patrolled during the normal operation.

6. Record every time after inspection, maintenance and repair.

7. The escalator and moving sidewalk shall have a start-up and shutdown management system.

8. The use unit shall formulate detailed rules for taking emergency rescue measures in the event of an accident.

9. Formulate an inspection and maintenance system for escalators and moving walks.

10. The use unit must apply for periodical inspections to special equipment inspection agencies in the locations of escalators and moving sidewalks, and replace the relevant contents in the safety inspection conformance marks in a timely manner. The periodic inspection period for escalators and moving moving walk is one year, and escalators and automatic sidewalks where the safety inspection pass mark exceeds the valid period cannot be used.

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