For The Elevator You Need To Know.

  1. Elevator with fire landing function

A function of the ordinary passenger elevator is usually selected when the elevator is purchased, and the sales contract is added. It is similar to the purchased car luxury version, which has more functions than the standard version. This type of elevator is no different from a normal elevator when it is in normal operation. There is only one fire button switch at the entrance of the hall.

①If the elevator is descending, switch the switch from “normal” to “fire”, the elevator will always descend to the position, and the door will be opened, and no external call or internal selection will be responded to;

② If it is rising, switch the switch from “normal” to “fire”, the elevator will stop near the leveling, do not open the door, then descend to the position, and open the door, the middle does not respond to any outside call, internal selection operation. Can be set arbitrarily, but generally set on the first floor, easy to escape in case of fire.


2. Elevators with fire-fighting functions These elevators are usually used as ordinary passenger elevators. In the event of fire, firefighters go upstairs to save fire and save people.

Requirements: ① Elevator power supply is not the same as other elevators and electrical equipment in the whole building. Pull out the power switch of the rectification building. The power supply of the elevator cannot be cut off (the firefighters must cut off the power supply of the whole building before spraying water)

②When the elevator is in the fire operation state, the fireman manually closes the door and continuously presses the close button. After reaching the designated floor, the user also needs to manually press the door open button to open the door. 3 The cable used in the entire elevator is a high temperature resistant cable. General fire elevators are installed on both sides of the building rather than in the middle.