Future Elevator Development Prospect

The increasing competition in the elevator industry, large elevator merger integration between enterprises and capital operation, excellent domestic elevator manufacturing enterprises becomes more and more emphasis on industry market research, especially on the enterprise development environment and the further research of customer demand trends. Because of this, a large number of outstanding domestic elevator brands rise rapidly, gradually become the elevator industry leader!

The huge market space, making the industry become one of the industry of foreign capital into the early, the world's leading elevator companies have set up wholly owned or joint venture in China, these foreign brands to enter brought international technical standards for the industry, management concept and management mode, make domestic elevator quickly into the international ranks. Look from the industry layout, the domestic elevator industry cluster effect, the elevator machine and parts manufacturing base mainly concentrated in the Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta region, in addition to high-end elevator parts, elevator parts has been basically achieved localization.

The rapid development of economy and the continuous progress of urbanization are the main driving forces for the growth of elevator demand. Historical data regression analysis shows that the correlation between real estate investment and elevator demand is very high. Affected by the national policy of commercial real estate investment growth has slowed, but during the "twelfth five-year" 36 million sets of housing construction will promote the demand for elevator, at the same time a large number of public infrastructure construction, energy saving renovation replacement and exports will promote the output of the elevator in China. By 2015, China's elevator production is expected to exceed 750,000 / year, and its growth rate is conservative at around 20%.

The heart of the traction machine, elevator, after the planet gear, helical gear transmission and worm gear and worm drive technology upgrading, appeared in the late 1990 s permanent magnet synchronous traction machine. With its advantages of small size, low wastage and high efficiency, it has been promoted rapidly and has developed into a mainstream model of new tractor.