Handrail Devices For Escalator

With the development of the more layer type commercial housing, as well as the development of some villas, so the staircase market is also gradually hot up, the indoor installation of stairs is not a simple assembly process, but also according to their size and style of space to size and design, but also to consider whether this design and installation style to match the entire home decoration style, How to design an indoor staircase according to space?Escalator

The 180-degree spiral staircase is a way of building a stairway that can really save space, and most architectural design uses this staircase. The feature of this style is that the shape can vary depending on the rotation angle. Advantages: Spiral strong expressive force, small footprint.Escalator 

The general staircase will appear a 90-degree bending point, the bending point of most of the staircase at the entrance, but also some of the staircase exits. This kind of staircase is a curve to achieve the upper and lower floors of the connection, beautiful and generous, walking up no straight ladder corner that kind of blunt feeling.Escalator

Each step in the Ramp work section and the Ladder Road transition section must be strictly guaranteed the level, for the passenger to stand, escalator on both sides is equipped with the escalator road synchronous operation the handrail belt installment, for the passenger support use.Escalator 

In order to ensure the safety of passengers on escalators, a variety of safety devices are installed in the system. The automatic sidewalk is also a continuous conveying machine for carrying passengers, which differs from escalators in that the ladder is always in a flat state (the angle between the cascade and the water level is not 12°), and the handrail device is installed on both sides for passenger support.Escalator